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Among the important things to know about Modern Design is that we have been in business for 30 years locally and that we have thousands of satisfied customers. We have been manufacturing and installing many concrete surfaces such as our industrial-strength, solvent-based acrylic resin sealer. This is our own industrial-strength formula to protect and beautify your concrete surfaces, such as your driveway, pool deck patio, garage floor, walkway, and entrance. Any surface where it is applied will be protected from erosion caused by the harsh Florida weather.

It is also resistant to oil, grease, mildew, and rust. Once our sealer hardens, it resists stains and tire marks from your car, and they can be easily cleaned off with dish soap. Our sealers have a non-skid quartz aggregate broadcasted on it to give it a textured surface. The acrylic color sealers can be custom blended to match or tie into the color scheme of your home, condo, or business.

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In addition to homes, we serve commercial properties such as car dealership service bays, warehouse floors, fire station garage floors, hospital entrances, school kitchen floors, and condo walkways and balconies. Modern Design manufacture an acrylic-modified polymer cement that we can apply as an acrylic bonding agent to eroded concrete surfaces. Then we trowel or squeegee down our acrylic cement to smooth out that rough surfaces. Additionally, we use it to smooth out surfaces where we have ground off peeling paint and glue.

Condo walkway restorations that include removal of carpet and grinding off glue are available. Any rebar damage can be repaired, and a migrating corrosion inhibitor can be applied to hold rust at bay. Next, we apply a bonding agent and then trowel and squeegee down to modify acrylic cement, smoothing out its surface. Then we do waterproofing and sealing with our own industrial strength, non-skid, multicolor acrylic to protect it and beautify it.

Modern Design also installs commercial-grade epoxy and urethane non-skid sealers in solid colors and with multicolor chips that are chemical resistant to acid, gas, oil, and any solvents. To resist staining in existing pavers, we apply solvent-based sealers. We also pressure wash existing pavers and seal them to restore their color. To eliminate signs of wear and tear, we resurface worn out and stained pavers using a multicolor solvent-based non-skid acrylic sealer.

Paint, carpet glue, and river rock removal with our commercial grade machinery are also available.

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How long does it last?

Depending on how much exposure to UV rays, about 10 years.

Do you get tire marks?

No, our product seals the pores of the concrete.

Does oil and grease stain it?

No, our sealer gets hard. So it can't absorb into the surface.

Does it mildew?

No, our sealer waterproofs the surface, so fungus can't grow.

Is it slippery?

No, we broadcast a non-skid quartz aggregate, for texture.

What colors does it come in?

We manufacture the sealer so that we can custom blend the colors.

Does it peel?

No, we guarantee no loss of adhesion.

Does it crack?

No, when you put pavers over or replace surface, or incorporate cracks in the natural stone pattern.